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Lotte Hotel Yangon
No. 82, Sin Phyu Shin Avenue, Pyay Road, 6½ Mile, Ward 11, Hlaing Township, Yangon, Myanmar

One of the finest modern structures in the whole of Myanmar, Lotte Hotel is unsurpassed in its attention to detail, its air of spaciousness and refinement, and it’s breathtaking state-of-the-art interior design. In-line with the fine quality that Lotte is renowned for, all of their hotel staff are carefully chosen and trained to be Myanmar’s leading hospitality team.

By car
From Yangon International Airport
• 7.6km
• About 20 minutes by car
• Yangon International Airport → After turning left, exit onto Yangon Airport Road → Go straight for 9 Miles after merging onto Pyay Road → Checking the North Point Mall on the Right → Go straight ahead to Pyay road → Check the Lotte Hotel Yangon on the left after passing through Kabar Aye Pagoda → Go straight ahead to Pyay road → Go past the lake and go straight up to the 6½ miles bus stop and make a U-turn → Enter Lotte Hotel Yangon.

By airport shuttle bus (Pyay Road)
Bus No: 61, 30, 35, 37
Airport Shuttle Bus (Pyay Road)

By subway

Yangon Circular Train Timetable
6.10 AM (RIGHT/LEFT), 8.20 AM (RIGHT), 8.35 AM (LEFT), 9.30 AM (RIGHT), 10.10 AM (RIGHT), 10.45 AM (LEFT),
11.30 AM (RIGHT), 11.50 AM (RIGHT), 12.25 PM (LEFT), 1.05 PM (RIGHT), 1.40 PM (LEFT), 2.25 PM (RIGHT),
3.30 PM (RIGHT), 4.40 PM (LEFT), 5.10 PM (RIGHT)

Yangon Circular Train Price
The price of a train ticket is 100-200 Kyats for non-A/C and 500-800 Kyats for an A/C coach.
Alight at Heldan Station and take a bus No: 30 to 6 1/2 bus stop.

By bus
In front of Lotte Hotel Yangon
Bus No: 61, 30, 35, 37